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Chicago and Places I Love to Remember

State Fair

P1 Hyde Park Rocks

P2  Sawtooth Mountains
P3  State Fair
Cloud Gate, AKA Bean Millenium Fountain        
P4 Cloud Gate/The Bean P5 Millenium Fountain  

Mild-Mannered Cards

Thank You Cards

M1 M2 M3

Thank you cards matter! These cards are part handkerchief, part formal calling card, and part down-home expression of simple gratitude.

The 4.25" x 5.5 " cards are sold individually or in boxed sets, two each of the four images.


Poems for Companion People

M5 M6 M7


(Christmas card)

Do you ever wonder if animals wonder? These poems are written from the point of view of the animals in our lives. Perhaps this is what they would say to us, if only they could.

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