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  Who is Hannah Jennings?  

That would be me. I have a Master's degree from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and 30 odd years of experience as a design professional. If you want to, you can see my resume on HannahJennings.com.

  What is "Be Of Good Cheer"?

I decided to start a cottage industry; to sell my artwork to individuals through shops, art fairs, and this site. Why "Be Of Good Cheer"? I often sign letters with that wish. I even painted it on my living room wall.

I also operate a design business called
Hannah Jennings Design

    Be Of Good Cheer is a labor of love.


I find joy in making things.

Lately I've been deep into creating expressive watercolors of buildings. The paintings aren’t just renderings, they’re portraits with rich personalities. I begin by photographing a structure from many angles, at a time of day when light and shadows, colors, and surrounding foliage are most evocative. Working from these photographs, I transfer the outlines, the bare bones of the house, to watercolor paper. Then I gradually build up layers of wash and add details until the image sings to me.

I also love to illustrate animals and plants, and images from stories and poems.

  We sell watercolors and prints of Chicago and Oak Park scenes, animals, and plants.
  Our image collections include Frank Lloyd Wright buildings, scenes of Christmas in the city, butterflies, and South American animals. More images are added from time to time.

    We paint house portraits.


I can be commissioned to create house portraits. I have a strong affinity for nest-builders, so I find it gratifying to catch people's love of their homes.

The paintings make admirable gifts. They can also be reproduced as cards.

I can work from your photograph for a reduced price.

  We also make and sell cards.


In addition to the card collections on this site, I create custom cards. I would love to make a special card for you or your organization: your family, church, school, or business, I can illustrate your pet or incorporate your favorite quotation. Costs depend on the complexity of the project.

This card was created for Hansen Landscapes.


Or ask me to convert your artwork or photograph into a card.

This Santa is a linoleum print based on a child's drawing.

    Oh, and my art has been exhibited...

2010 Watercolor Award at the Illinois State Fair
2010 and 2090: exhibited at ArtRageous! in Oak Park
Featured artist, 2006 Wright Plus tour of homes. 
Art Fairs: Oak Park, Hyde Park, others.
Art Institute of Chicago Traveling Prints and Multiples Show.
School of the Art Institute of Chicago permanent collection and ten-year traveling show.
Franklin Furnace, New York.
What the press has said

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