I love sharing the images already created,
but the idea of future projects
makes my heart glad.
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Among the things I love most are afternoon light hitting walls, the shadows of foliage, and contrasting textures.

When I started painting my first portrait of a beautiful building, I realized that I was immersing myself in world where I belong.

It started with
Frank Lloyd Wright buildings.

Commissioned for parents


I paint houses with tiny brushes.

Watercolors are commissioned by home or business owners. They're matted for framing, and can be made into note cards. House portraits are a gift much welcomed by people who love their places.

contemporary house
country house

oak park home
country house  



Winter Storms


Greeting cards are Everyman’s art, ephemeral art, affordable art without pretense.

I've created a Christmas card every year since 1973.* I've made cards from line drawings, watercolor, block prints, collage, calligraphy, origami, pressed flowers, photographs, and more. I've designed non-traditional wedding invitations and a variety of announcements.

Cards are ephemeral, but not inevitably short-lived. My father's family were artists: I have a collection of woodblock Christmas cards they made in the 1930's. My mother saved valentines from her childhood. Every December I decorate my house with cards I've been sent, a tradition handed down from my mother's father. Every once in a while I frame a card and hang it on my wall.

I would be happy to create a custom card for you.

*In recent years I've done online advent calendars instead.


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